OMG-Seg: 10 Segmentation Tasks in 1 Framework (2024)

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The idea of picture segmentation has shaped the premise of varied trendy Laptop Imaginative and prescient (CV) purposes. Segmentation fashions assist computer systems perceive the varied components and objects in a visible reference body, resembling a picture or a video. Varied sorts of segmentation strategies exist, resembling panoptic or semantic segmentation. Every of those fashions has totally different working rules and purposes.

Because of the rising purposes and the introduction of latest use instances every now and then, the picture segmentation house has stretched skinny. With a plethora of fashions to select from, it turns into a problem for builders engaged on sensible implementations.

OMG-Seg (2024) introduces a single segmentation mannequin able to dealing with numerous duties. This text will talk about:

  • Varieties Of Picture Segmentation Duties
  • Fashionable Fashions for Picture Segmentation
  • Structure of OMG-Seg
  • Outcomes and Benchmarks evaluating OMG-Seg to well-liked fashions


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Understanding Segmentation

Earlier than we dive into the intricacies of OMG-Seg, we’ll transient recap on the subject of picture segmentation. For extra particulars, take a look at our Picture Segmentation Utilizing Deep Studying article.

Picture segmentation fashions divide (or phase) an enter picture into numerous objects inside that body. It does so by recognizing the varied entities current and producing a pixel masks to map the boundary and site of every.

Picture segmentation works equally to object detection however with a distinct method to creating annotations. Whereas object detection attracts an oblong boundary to point whether or not the detected object is current, segmentation labels pixels belonging to totally different classes, forming an correct masks.


Object detection v/s image segmentation
Evaluating laptop imaginative and prescient duties – Source


The granularity of picture segmentation makes it helpful for numerous sensible purposes resembling autonomous automobiles, medical picture processing, and segmenting satellite tv for pc photos.

Nevertheless, the picture segmentation area consists of varied classes. Every of those classes processes the picture otherwise and produces several types of class labels. Let’s look into these classes intimately.


Sorts of Segmentation Fashions

There are numerous segmentation fashions that carry out duties together with picture segmentation, prompt-based segmentation, and video segmentation.

Picture Segmentation

Picture segmentation strategies embrace panoptic, semantic, and occasion segmentation.

Semantic Segmentation: Classifies every pixel in a picture right into a class. Semantic segmentations duties create a masks for each entity current in your complete picture. Nevertheless, its main shortcoming is that it doesn’t differentiate between the varied occurrences of the identical object. For instance, the cubes within the instance under are all highlighted purple, and there’s no info within the annotations to distinguish between their occurrences.

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Cityscapes Test Benchmark for Semantic Segmentation
Cityscapes Take a look at Benchmark for Semantic Segmentation


Occasion Segmentation: Addresses the semantic segmentation drawback. On prime of making pixel-level masks, it additionally generates labels to establish the cases of an object. It does so by combining object detection and semantic segmentation. The previous identifies the varied objects of curiosity, whereas the latter constructs pixel-perfect labels.

Occasion segmentation is nice for understanding countable visible components resembling cups or cubes however leaves out components within the backdrop. These embrace the sky, the horizon, or a long-running highway. These objects don’t precisely have numerous cases (or we are saying they can’t be counted), however are an integral a part of the visible canvas.


YOLOv7-mask for instance segmentation
YOLOv7-mask as an example segmentation


Panoptic Segmentation: Combines semantic and occasion segmentation to offer particulars about each entity in a picture. It processes the picture to creates instance-level labels for every object in focus and masks for background objects resembling buildings, the sky, or bushes.


Panoptic segmentation
Panoptic Segmentation – Source


Immediate-Based mostly Segmentation

Furthermore, trendy picture segmentation fashions are developed to deal with real-life eventualities encompassing a number of seen and unseen objects. One such improvement is prompt-based segmentation.

Immediate-based Segmentation combines the facility of pure language processing (NLP) and laptop imaginative and prescient to create a picture segmentation mannequin. This mannequin makes use of textual content and visible prompts to grasp, detect, and classify objects inside a picture.

Luddecke and Ecker reveal the capabilities of utilizing such prompts to categorise beforehand unseen objects. The mannequin can perceive the article in query utilizing the prompts supplied. The textual content and visible prompts can be utilized in conjunction or independently to show the mannequin what must be segmented.

Video Segmentation

Most sensible use instances of picture segmentation make use of it to real-time video feeds somewhat than single photos. It treats a video as a bunch of photos, applies segmentation to every, and teams collectively every masked body to type a segmented video. Video segmentation is beneficial for self-driving automobiles and visitors surveillance purposes.

Trendy video segmentation algorithms enhance their outcomes by using body pixels and causal info. These algorithms mix info from the current body and context from earlier frames to foretell a segmentation masks. Different strategies for video segmentation embrace interactive segmentation.

This system makes use of consumer enter in an preliminary body to localize the article. It then continues to generate segmentation masks in subsequent frames utilizing the preliminary info.


Interactive segmentation
Interactive Segmentation – Source


Fashionable Picture Segmentation Fashions


The Masks Area-based Convolutional Neural Community (RCNN) was one of the well-liked segmentation algorithms throughout Laptop Imaginative and prescient’s early days. It improved upon its predecessor, Quicker RCNN, by outputting pixel-level masks somewhat than bounding packing containers for detecting objects.

Its structure consists of a CNN spine (function extractor) constructed from different well-liked networks like VGG or Resnet. Additional, it makes use of a region-proposal community to slim the search window for object places. Lastly, it accommodates separate branches for object classification, detection, and masks formation for segmentation.

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Mask R-CNN - The Mask R-CNN Framework for Instance Segmentation
Masks R-CNN Framework for Occasion Segmentation


The mannequin achieved state-of-the-art outcomes on well-liked datasets resembling COCO and Pascal VOC.


The U-Internet structure is well-liked for semantic segmentation of Biomedical picture knowledge. Its structure consists of a descending layer and an ascending layer. The descending layer is accountable for function extraction and object detection through convolution and pooling layer.

The opposite reconstructs the options through deconvolution whereas producing masks for the detected object. The layers even have skip connections that join their subsequent components to go info.

The ultimate output is a function map consisting of segmentations of objects of curiosity.


UNet Architecture
UNet Structure – Source


Through the years, the structure has developed to provide UNet ++ and Consideration UNet.

Section Something Mannequin (SAM)

Section Something Mannequin (SAM) is the proper instance of what trendy laptop imaginative and prescient appears like. That is an open-source picture segmentation mannequin developed by Meta and is skilled on 11 Million photos and over a billion masks.

SAM offers an interactive interface the place customers can merely click on on the objects they wish to phase or pass over of the segmentation. Furthermore, it permits zero-shot generalization to phase photos with a single enter and a immediate. The immediate will be descriptive textual content, a tough bounding field, a masks, or only a few coordinates on the article to be segmented.


Segment Anything Model demo example
Section Something Mannequin demo instance


SAM’s structure consists of a picture encoder, a immediate encoder, and a masks decoder. The mannequin is pre-trained on the SA-1B dataset, permitting it to generalize on new courses with out re-training.


OMG-Seg: Unified Picture Segmentation

Up to now, all of the methodologies and architectures we have now mentioned have been task-specific, i.e., plain picture segmentation, video segmentation, immediate segmentation, and so on. Every of those fashions has state-of-the-art outcomes on their respective duties, however it’s difficult to deploy a number of fashions due to {hardware} prices and restricted assets.


Segmentation Tasks Using OMG-Seg
Segmentation Duties Utilizing OMG-Seg – Source


To unravel this, Li et al. (2024) have launched OMG-seg, an all-in-one segmentation mannequin that may carry out numerous segmentation duties. The mannequin is a transformer-based encoder-decoder structure that helps over ten distinct duties, together with semantic, occasion, and panoptic segmentation and their video counterparts. It could actually additionally deal with prompt-driven duties, interactive segmentation, and open-vocabulary settings for simple generalization.

The segmentation courses included within the framework are as follows:

  • Semantic
  • Occasion
  • Panoptic
  • Interactive
  • Video Semantic
  • Video Occasion
  • Video Panoptic
  • Open-Vocabulary
  • Open-Vocabulary Interactive
  • Open-Vocabulary Video


Ten tasks can be performed with omg-seg all in one framework
10 laptop imaginative and prescient segmentation duties will be carried out with OMG-Seg – Source


OMG-Seg Structure

OMG-Seg follows the same structure to Mask2Former, together with a spine, a pixel decoder, and a masks decoder. Nevertheless, it contains sure alterations to assist the totally different duties. This general structure consists of:

  • VLM Encoder as a Spine: OMG-Seg replaces the unique spine with the frozen CLIP mannequin as a function extractor. This Imaginative and prescient-Language Mannequin (VLM) extracts multi-scale frozen options and permits open-vocabulary recognition.
  • Pixel Decoder as Function Adapter: The decoder consists of multi-layer deformable consideration layers. It transforms the frozen options into fused options.
  • Mixed Object Queries: Every object question generates masks outputs for various duties. For photos, the article question focuses on object localization and recognition, whereas for movies, it additionally considers temporal options. For interactive segmentation, OMG-Seg makes use of the immediate encoder to encode the varied visible prompts into the identical form as object queries.
  • Shared Multi-task Decoder: The ultimate masks decoder takes within the fused options from the pixel decoder and the mixed object queries to provide the segmentation masks. The layer makes use of a multi-head self-attention for picture segmentation and combines pyramid options for video segmentation.
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OMG-Seg Architecture
OMG-Seg Structure – Source


Coaching and Benchmarks

The mannequin is skilled for all segmentation duties concurrently. It makes use of a joint image-video dataset and a single entity label and masks for the several types of segmentations current. Additional, it replaces the classifier with the CLIP textual content embeddings to keep away from cross-dataset taxonomy conflicts.

OMG-Seg explores co-training on numerous datasets, together with COCO panoptic, COCO-SAM, and Youtube-VIS-2019. Every helps develop totally different duties, resembling panoptic segmentation and open vocabulary settings.

The coaching was performed in a distributed coaching atmosphere utilizing 32 A100 GPUs. Every mini-batch included one picture per GPU, and large-scale jitter was launched for augmentation.


OMG-Seg Benchmarks
OMG-Seg Benchmarks towards totally different datasets – Source


The above desk has two fascinating takeaways.

  1. It showcases the big selection of datasets (therefore duties) OMG-Seg can work with.
  2. Its efficiency towards every job is sort of corresponding to, if not higher than, the competitor fashions.


OMG-Seg: Key Takeaways

The picture segmentation area covers numerous duties, together with occasion, semantic, panoptic, video, and prompt-based segmentation. Every of those duties is carried out by totally different fashions on totally different datasets.


Panoptic Segmentation With OMG-Seg
Panoptic Segmentation With OMG-Seg


OMG-Seg introduces a unified mannequin for a number of segmentation duties. Right here’s what we discovered about it:

  • Having totally different fashions introduces sensible limitations throughout utility integration.
  • OMG-Seg performs over ten segmentation duties from a single mannequin.
  • The duties embrace Occasion, Semantic, Panoptic Segmentation, and their video counterparts. It additionally works on open-vocabulary settings and interactive segmentation.
  • Most of its structure follows that of the Mask2Former mannequin.
  • The mannequin shows comparable efficiency towards well-liked fashions resembling SAM and Mask2Former on datasets like COCO and CityScapes.

Trendy machine studying has come a great distance. Listed below are a couple of matters the place you possibly can be taught extra about Laptop Imaginative and prescient:


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